Get into your dream college with a passion project.

PrepX helps high school students create standout passion projects to explore new interests, learn high-value skills, and get into top colleges.


Why start a Passion Project?

The data is clear. Grades and test scores only go so far in college admissions. Top colleges are looking for leaders who take initiative to create something meaningful.

Stand Out To Colleges

Make yourself the type of candidate that colleges compete to recruit.

Learn High-Value Skills

Develop skills in business and technology to open new doors for yourself.

Discover Your Potential

Learn what you are great at by experimenting with new fields of interest.

Create your Passion Project with PrepX Bootcamps.

"Build an App" Bootcamp

Learn how to come up with an app idea, create your own app, and leverage your app for college and career success. No coding required. Receive a Certification in App Development upon completion.


"Create a Business" Bootcamp

Learn how to come up with a business idea, build your own business, and leverage your business for college and career success. Receive a Certification in Online Entrepreneurship upon completion.


"Launch a Campaign" Bootcamp

Learn how to come up an idea for a nonprofit campaign, create your own campaign, and leverage your campaign for college and career success. Receive a Certification in Nonprofit Campaigning upon completion.


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Thank you, thank you, thank you! I learned more than I could have hoped in this bootcamp. I didn’t know what to expect going in since I’d never built an app before, but the lessons covered everything from coming up with an app idea to actually building it. It also gave me a better idea of what I want to study since I’ve gotten to try a few new things. Plus, I get to show off my own app!

-Alexandria, Student from the "Build an App" Bootcamp

This bootcamp really helped me. Starting my own business was a lot of fun, and there is still a lot more that I can do now that I have the knowledge and tools. The tips on college prep absolutely taught me a lot too, and I believe that this experience can really help me when it comes to college admissions. It’s also great that you get a certification in online entrepreneurship at the end.

-Dan, Student from the "Create a Business" Bootcamp

My daughter was SO EXCITED to build her own passion project! I was blown away by how quickly she got everything up and running. As a parent, I was also thrilled to see my daughter learn about the opportunities available to her in business and technology. I am so happy that PrepX is taking a different approach to college prep that also opens doors for students professionally.

-Lashawnda, Parent from the "Build an App" Bootcamp

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